[ keke ] potted aquilegia -at the RFL Destination Hope Hunt
It's a grid-wide hunt with 100% benefit to RFL and the American Cancer Society starting June 1st.
Soy. Vintage lace curtain


Alien Priestess

+XAnSA+ Alien Priestess Headpiece for Genre, now 25% off. 
ISUKA Sombra tattoo gift for Ultra
AsteroidBox. Three Strap Collar
Meva Lint Top for Romp

Vagabond - Quaint Old Chair for Romp
(with single, couple, sex and bdsm animations)



*Fishy Strawberry* Fly Glasses
+XAnSA+ Morpheus Collar *Unscripted
.:Pulse:. Prey Corset - Nude for Romp
ELYSIUM - Phoebe skirt - creme for Romp
Meva Lint Arm Cuff Brown for Romp
Azoury - Nemein Shoe Grey on Marketplace

TLC Cormorant Drying Wings for Ultra
Le Poppycock *On Edge* Kick back Railing 2 for Ultra

Look under

::GB:: One-shoulder Riders White for Romp
::GB:: High sox Smoky Purple
Redfish Look under tattoo for Kinky Event
Pose: An Lar the Rachel Serie at Ultra Event

[ keke ] abandoned art - feel - white

Taken at The Muse Club



BodyLanguage SLC BENTO AO Apple (for Romp) 
(stand and groundsit are from this great AO)

Stockholm&Lima: Double O-Ring Collar -Leather (Black/Gold)
Ama. : Aftermath tattoo / applier (red blush on face)
Isuka Alvena tattoo (also for neck, not on the photo) (for Romp)
[I<3F] Dress [13] [undress me!]   
with hud to undress in several stages & colour hud (for Romp)
Ama Crystal Clamps {Maitreya Experimental} (for Romp)
Poppy - Lola Heels *primerose yellow (for Romp)

Stockholm&Lima:Reconstructed Coffee Table
[ keke ] spring sprout 3
[ keke ] winter tin - snowdrop wintersky
[n.i] turn.and.cough.study.materials

Art 'Angle' by Moon Edenbaum (can be seen at Dathuil)