Beach day at Hollowtree

[ keke ] wild allium . purper, lilac, white and skyblue for C88

Hideki - Deck Chair 
Beach Cabin by Dandy Warhlol


Jolie eyes

~*By Snow*~ Dolly Eyes (Blind)
Zibska Maudi eyeshadow
Genesislab Genesis Eyelashes
[ILAYA] Jolie Earring for Tres Chic (with colour hud)
RedMint (RLV) Posture V-Collar ~ No.03



{NANTRA} Hey Now, Now Vespa for Ultra Event

The Vespa has 12 poses (for Bento) and several colours. 

And... action!

[Kres] Studio 88 - Skybox 
MadPea That's a Wrap - Studio Reflector Umbrella - White & Black
MadPea That's a Wrap - Director's Chair: Director & Diva
MadPea That's a Wrap - Clapboard
MadPea That's a Wrap - Megaphone
MadPea That's a Wrap - Studio Sign

DRD motel - vid camera
.:Bee Designs:. Urban Gacha Film Reel with pictures

Thanks to Dix for modelling