Off with their heads

From the left to the right
Soy. Superlong potted cactus B w/o stand
[ keke ] wonderland gate
Bigbully - Freja Bistro Chair & Table, all in multi spring colours. 
[ keke ] bucket of lemonades - yellow

On the table: Howl - Daisy Sloth Lamp 2 & Keke Soda bottle
Bigbully - Freja Low & Tall Planter For Bloom till april 30th.
[ keke ] simple garden dividers white

Emmanuel crown

Azoury - Emmanuel Crown for Shiny Shabby
[ILAYA] Minimalist Triangle tattoo 
{60% black} also in 80% black. 
Taken at M U S E club



[ILAYA] Minimalist Triangle tattoo {60% black} also in 80% black. 

Taken at M U S E club


Spring collar

Stockholm&Lima: Spring Collar Exclusive OC6 - with option to colour it. 
Purr - Hipster Harry's - silver round glasses



Azoury - Hosanna Head Accessory Rare for the Epiphany - mirrosim
CL Blue Ladies-dress with hud - Marketplace
Raindale ~ Birdside vase of tulips
-Mint- Old Books and Antique Candles
Floorplan. throne chair PG / pattern