Dan t'ian

[ keke ] nivana card . dan t'ian (from the Nirvana set, at Shiny Shabby

Taken at Khodovarikha


Bellone's pleasure

+XAnSA+ Mephisto Face Chain
+XAnSA+ Penta Eyepatch

Hard to find

[ keke ] hard to find chair . cyan, yellow and red at MP 3 chairs for L$ 111
Gazelle legs by Azoury for We <3 RP, chair by Bigbully for TLC

Taken at Furillen



Mina Hair - Dagny
-David Heather-Five Blazer
Azoury - Gazelle Leg Black with Silver blade for We <3 RP
.Identity. Body Shop - Tattoo [Real Call]
Pose by Le Poppycock (Pure Pleasure)
Bigbully Bryce Armchair for TLC (till September 30th)



[Dictator shop] Chesterfield OMNI Bondage Stool

Mina Hair - Marre 
Azoury - Icarus Mask 
CLBlue-Summer Crop Top with colour hud at Marketplace
Entice - Good Time Shorts for Ultra Event

ArisAris /B&W~Gara77 Fighter Boot at Inspiration SL Event
Codex Collar Perception 

Hair [DUE] Tomonaga
Marine's little shop - Deluxe blindfold
Azoury - Icarus Mask 
CLBlue-Summer Crop Top with colour hud at Marketplace


I'm not afraid

*PerveTTe* Lustful  [Choker] [Gold] for Kinky Event
::C'est la vie !:: Griet Tops (black) for Ultra event
Essenz - Bonaire Heels (with hud) for Ultra event
{NANTRA} Not Afraid of Heights (Rez & Sit)  for Ultra event


Let's go outside

Kaithleen's Swat Dress (with hud) for Ultra 
Pose by An Lar 'The Jared' for Ultra
Taken at Elysion


Bound to her heels

Magda heels by Azoury, for Cosmopolitan (opens the 10th of September).

+XAnSA+ Chaos Headpiece for We <3 RP

+XAnSA+ Chaos Septum for Suicide Dollz

Luas Latex Addiction Bodysuit and gloves (gacha) for Kinky Event


Autumn is coming

Soy. Potted Cheese Plant [White]
Olaby blue rug  by "sources" for Ultra Event (with single, couple and adult animations)
Ultra event opens on September 15th.
[ keke ] autumn bell jar - this weekend for 50 L at the mainstore 

I'm wearing
Foxes - Cropped Sweater - Maitreya - Grap
OVH.Patrick Jeans . black belt
fame femme: Sanny Leather Chucks - Maitreya - Canary Diamond


Bigbully - Bryce furniture

Bigbully made for TLC a set called Bryce. 
TLC opens on Thursday, 7th September to Saturday, 30th September. The armchair comes in 4 leather textures, and the side table comes in 4 metal textures.

Bigbully - Bryce Armchair
Bigbully - Bryce Photography Book
Bigbully - Bryce Side Table
Bigbully - Bryce Table Lamp.

I'm wearing
La Penderie de Nicole:Chloe Dress.Canary 
Azoury - Blooming Shoes Onyx with Socks Yellow


Traveler's Reprieve by Stockholm & Lima

For sale by Stockholm&Lima at Fameshed
Traveler's Reprieve Bed PG or Adult, with 3 texture options
Traveler's Reprieve Photoboard (with 6 photo's or your own photo's)
Also for sale a table with texture option. (not featured on this picture).


Mid Century Minimal

Big Bully has made a very nice minimal furniture set for The Arcade
02 BIGBULLY Mid Century Minimal Armchair RARE
11 BIGBULLY Mid Century Minimal Sculptural Mirrors
12 BIGBULLY Mid Century Minimal Rug

I'm wearing Azoury - Huguette High Heel Shoe Black for The Chapter Four
During this event, the price is 224L$ instead of 449L$.
Avicandy  - Striped Lace stockings - Licorice

PLAAKA Pencil House Chocolate (Gacha item)


Mareva is dreaming

Kenny Rolands Mareva pants and body for Kinky Event 

Dappa - Akina Tattoo for Kinky Event

Azoury - Linaewen High heel shoes


The Night Maid

**Dirty Princess** The Night Maid Princess dress and collar (unscripted and scripted)
Lock & Tuft - Ari (catwa or lelutka) hair with blindfold (hud with several colours and texts)
an lar [poses] The Vincue Series

Dappa - Drift Tattoo. (Omega applier, Slink, TMP or Signature) for Kinky Event

[ keke ] wonderland gate
BUENO -Suitcase-Antique
Vagabond - Quaint Old Chair 



Azoury - Mila heels for Shiny Shabby
also in black, white, red, caramel, fuchsia and saumon.

Taken at Furillen


BigBully at Pocket Gacha

BigBully Wren Kitchen set for the PocketGacha from 15th August 
Get the HUD at the BIGBULLY Flagship
The full copy version of the set will be available 
for purchase only for the duration of the round at PocketGacha

 BIGBULLY Wren Kitchen Plain Island - RARE
 BIGBULLY Wren Kitchen Chairs
Apple Fall Mixing Bowl Set
[ keke ] simple kitchen clutter . bowls
Plaaka Bowl(over painting)
Bazar Rolling pin
Apple Fall Neva's Antique Scales
Lark - Mason Jar
[Toiz] papercub tower
JIAN Egg Basket
Lark - Baking Tins
CRIMARIZON *Retro Cartoon TV*


Undress me

This Is Wrong - Cubic tattoo faded - Maitreya / Belleza - For Romp
An lar [poses] The Oriana Series - For Romp

[I<3F] Dress [16] [undress me] For Romp
another dress which can be undressed (and dressed) by someone else (public) or 
someone else you want to undress (Master/Owner). 


Minimalistic bedroom

22769 has made a minimalistic bedroom for Romp, which is open on the 11th of August.
22769 - Minimalist Nightstand with Monstera 
22769 - Minimalist Ball Lounger Burlwood - PG or Adult
22769 - Minimalist Floor Lamp
22769 - Monstera Leaf in Water Bottle
22769 - Minimalist Sideboard
22769 - Sens8ional Artwork

[ keke ] rug 43 . delicate . grey

22769 - Monstera Leaf in Water Bottle
22769 - Minimalist Sideboard
22769 - Sens8ional Artwork

OHeMO - Penelope sandal heels (Maitreya) - black/silver for Romp
22769 - Minimalist Nightstand with Monstera 

22769 - Minimalist Futon Burlwood - ADULT for Romp
Apple Fall Meadow Flowers
Apple Fall Reaching Plant 2

I'm wearing Offbeat . summer monster : Present me Ultra Rare white



Azoury - Soundless earring and necklace at SaNaRae
Identity. Body Shop - Tattoo Pure Delusion
Haysuriza_Glasses_Mao (Ladies')

Codex rings vicious (Bento) for Kinky Event

[SHi]  Aria Keel high boots (Marketplace) with hud - NEW

JF Design "Estela" Top - Black for Kinky Event
Tabou - Levy Bodysuit - Black -Silver for Kinky Event

Pierrot & Harlot

Azoury - Pierrot Mask [Red] for The Coven

Stockholm&Lima:Harlot Bodysuit for the Fetish Fair 
The Harlot Bodysuit can be clicked by the owner or public to choose one of 3 stages of undress. (Covered, Slipped, or Exposed) 

The shoulder pieces are sold separately and can be worn with or without the bodysuit. They are included in the fatpack set. Maitreya Lara Exp or Slink Hourglass only.

DAPPA - Akina Tattoo (Omega, signature, slink, tmp) for Kinky Event

Le Poppycock-Pose Un4gettable



Stockholm&Lima: Ohana Beach Shower, with single, couple animations
 (shower and naughty)
Also texture menu for the wood and stones. 
Available at the store. 

DAPPA - Akina Tattoo (Omega, signature, slink, tmp) for Kinky Event

N4RS Galvanized Bowl with Towel (old Ultra event)
TLC Red-crowned Crane
Skye Windswept Tree Type 1 Beachy



[ keke ] butterflies dancing  at the homeshow
floorplan. botanical chart (50% sale now!)
floorplan. botanical card holder (gacha)


Snakes' dream

Azoury heels Plissken for Cosmopolitan

Photo's at the background by Vrir, 

Taken at the Kinky Gallery


:::NOIR::: YES Cuff (the other cuff says 'SIR') for Kinky Event
Ama Spanked
[I<3F] Skirt [04] for Kinky Event

Taken at the Kinky Gallery



Hair by miwa's airship
*PosESioN*  [JewelrY] Lopus Glasses Black
American Bazaar - Babe Outfit & top black for Kinky Event
[ILAYA] elephant and flowers {dark}

Apple Fall Dapper Chair - Chocolate Leather
Birch collection of kink - black
Apple Fall Hardwick Manor

pose: Belleposes mask fetish

Thanks to "miss creative" Megan for helping me setting this up!