Beach day at Hollowtree

[ keke ] wild allium . purper, lilac, white and skyblue for C88

Hideki - Deck Chair 
Beach Cabin by Dandy Warhlol


Jolie eyes

~*By Snow*~ Dolly Eyes (Blind)
Zibska Maudi eyeshadow
Genesislab Genesis Eyelashes
[ILAYA] Jolie Earring for Tres Chic (with colour hud)
RedMint (RLV) Posture V-Collar ~ No.03



{NANTRA} Hey Now, Now Vespa for Ultra Event

The Vespa has 12 poses (for Bento) and several colours. 

And... action!

[Kres] Studio 88 - Skybox 
MadPea That's a Wrap - Studio Reflector Umbrella - White & Black
MadPea That's a Wrap - Director's Chair: Director & Diva
MadPea That's a Wrap - Clapboard
MadPea That's a Wrap - Megaphone
MadPea That's a Wrap - Studio Sign

DRD motel - vid camera
.:Bee Designs:. Urban Gacha Film Reel with pictures

Thanks to Dix for modelling 



Zibska - Rizia eyeshadow for Ultra Event
[PURR] - Hipster Harry's - Silver
Empyrean Forge: Rhapsody Necklace & Earrings for Ultra Event. (with texture change hud)
Mikunch  - Rame-sweater with antique blouse

Mina Hair - Tina for Kustom9 starting July 15th! 
Tina comes with a StyleHUD to play with the pigtails and bangs
 so a lot of style options are available! 


Gate and Fences

Pose - Le Poppycock - Melt for Ultra Event
Essenz Aruba heels for Ultra Event, available in 12 single colors and fatpacks
Seniha. Ariadna Skirt for Ultra Event (with colour hud)
Ultra Event: July 15 - August 8

[ keke ] wonderland gate add ons (for Deco(c)rate) 
and garden fence at the store


Luna and Rosie

+XAnSA+ Rosie Horns with hud at Suicide Dollz
Mina Hair Luna for the Hair Fair
[WaS-K] Ampoule Bifocal Stereopticon

Emma's dirty secret

Mina Hair Emma, one of my favorites, with hud, available at the Hair Fair

Dirty Secrets ~ Face Slapper. This is such an inventive item, with each slap the face becomes more red. It comes with a hud with a lot of options, you can put it public or private, lock or unlock (when in use of RLV), accesslist, fading, voice on/off, animations on/off and so many more. Also available as spanker, with the same functions.
A must have for the kinky ones :) 

Photo taken at Elysion



Noun Heels by Azoury, sold at The Chapter Four (till 1 August). 
During this event the price is 244 L$ instead of 489 L$.

part of the Club Play-time, made by Black and Moonstone Eiren. 



Bigbully -  Shoji sideboard - black for Souled out
 which starts Monday, 10th July to Monday, 31st July.

Inspired by the shoji screens in traditional Japanese homes.
When the door slides open, the pattern overlaps.
In several colours. 
Sold as console or sideboard.

{-MK-} Mannequin Sheep (White & Black)
*Y's HOUSE* Round Chair

Taken at a new playroom, which I'm decorating, soon to be opened.


Yesterday I got a nice bloggerspack from Dictator Shop, which included the Chesterfield Adult Sofa and Chair. They are sold at the Home Show 2017 which opens 8 July at 12 pm.

They both have a menu (at the back) to change the leather and metal textures (black/red/browns) and have a lot of animations for solo, vanilla, M/f & F/m. 
Some of them are new to me, which is always nice to see and experience. 
The chair has also 2 dance animations in it.

Thanks to Peeter for modeling with me. He wasn't hurt in any way, not even by my huge heels. 



+XAnSA+ Batty Boo - Battachoke, 
This one is not only for sale on SL but also in RL! 
XanSA is the only store on Second Life, offering BDSM collars 
in a digital and physical fashion. 

Mina Hair - Anika rigged

Follow my Bliss

Azoury - Illusion Mask Strap Yellow for Men only monthly
Mina Hair - Emma for the Hair Fair
RedFish - Chinoiseries Tattoo for Kinky Event
+XAnSA+ Batty Boo - Battachoke



Mina Hair - Fiona for Hair Fair
RedFish - Chinoiseries Tattoo for Kinky Event
Sweet Kajira - Esmeralda black sheer Top & Panties for Kinky Event
Le Poppycock - Pose - Un4gettable


Those Blue Flowers

Keke - Those blue flowers for the Madpea Summer Hunt

Taken at Furillen - Vagabonds Exhibit (RL photography by me)


Travis bathroom

From left to right:
Bigbully Freja Tall Planter
Bigbully Travis Leaning Mirror - White for Only Summer Project
Bigbully Travis Leaning Towel Rack - White for Only Summer Project
8f8 - New Beginnings - Hanging Cupboard
hive // wash tub [silver]
-Pixicat- Karma.Elephant - Color (Sitting)
Apt B // Vintage Life Plant

The Only Summer Project is from 24th June to Sunday, 30th September.



Limerence Mira hair for Kinky Event
XAnSA Batty Boo - Battachoke 
Kenny Rolands - Lorena body for Kinky Event

Pose: Le Poppycock - 4sight

The Kinky event starts 28th June. 



Pose {NANTRA} Vogue 2017
[SHi Sexy Fashion] Monarch Gloves (Marketplace) for Bento hands
Lybra Robin B/W 2 

Background Weekend Ruiner 20- Passing


A new toy

SHi Sexy Fashion Shop Armbinder Mittens. 
This new armbinder with mittens are made by Sweel Honi. 
They are made for Maitreya and Bento hands and come with a colour hud for each part.
I tried several handanimations from the Maitreya menu and they all work. 
She also integrated struggle movements in the armbinder, to give it a realistic idea. 
The menu also gives a choice for latex and transparent (wearing transparent now).
By touching an invisible part at the right upper arm, you get the RLV menu to lock the armbinder and some more options. 
For sale in the shop and on marketplace.

Stockholm&Lima: Equestria Harness (black/silver)
Stockholm&Lima:Queen Of Spades-Panties-Black
::[Sweet Desire]::Liz Garter 



AZOURY - Royal Crown Metallic Blue at Limit8
Price : 388L$
One Limited Edition (100 Copies): 418L$

Soy. Water-Mashroom w/Water bowl


Delirium Style - Alexis Leather Jacket (not for sale anymore)
CLBlue - Leather Shorts
Azoury - Oikonomos Boot & Thigh Black for Cosmopolitan



Sven's Stools

BIGBULLY Sven Stool - White & Black at SL14B (open to Monday, 26th June)
A simple stackable 3-legged stool inspired by Scandinavian design for use anytime, anywhere. Comes in dark wood and light wood texture.
The white version is available for free.

BIGBULLY Skincare Store Wall Feature - RARE at The Arcade

KITE - The Corrigan Reading Room


Chess Wonderland

Glasses (Gift) by JF Design
AZOURY - Ada High Heel Shoe Fuschia With Gold Strass at the Chapter Four



Mina Hair - Betty- Vintage Fair starting June 9th till 25th
*Elegance Boutique* Shirt  & short- Ivory - "Emma" - Ultra
Azoury - Obsession High Heel White for the Liaison Collaborative
Purple Poses - Pose Yani 03 

Photo taken at The Muse Club



Azoury - Mical Helmet with White jewel for We <3 RP  (279 L$)
Wicca's Wardrobe - Asema Collar for Kinky Event
[ILAYA] Tattoo Minimalist Triangle

Behind me wooden Lounge Chair Mica from C-Outlet


Forgot to ask friends for dinner

[ keke ] simple dining table dark for Uber
[ keke ] retro chair . rose, white and black for Uber
Scarlet Creative - The Arcade Mar 16 Anastasia Low Cabinet 
PLAAKA Water Grass Bonsai Pot (Gacha, The Arcade June 2017)

Art by Barend Blankert
L2 Studio Padre Island House


I got new shoes

Osée heels by Azoury for Cosmopolitan, starts June 4th. 
Gisela Dress by O V H. Available at the Tres Chic Event

Soy. CSC - Promotional bench


it's too warm outside

-FABIA- Mesh Hair  <Lina> Multicolored Tones
{Avie} Obey Choker OC Black/Silver
*Sweet Kajira* Anita body black

All for Kinky Event


JF Design"Bella" Skirt & Top (Maitreya) Black for Kinky Event
Pose by An Lar, the Rachel Mini series for Ultra 



Stockholm&Lima:The Sub Closet at Ultra.
 It comes in MaleDom, FemDom and Switch.

Kenny Rolands - Body Carrie black for Kinky Event



[ keke ] potted aquilegia -at the RFL Destination Hope Hunt
It's a grid-wide hunt with 100% benefit to RFL and the American Cancer Society starting June 1st.
Soy. Vintage lace curtain


Alien Priestess

+XAnSA+ Alien Priestess Headpiece for Genre, now 25% off. 
ISUKA Sombra tattoo gift for Ultra
AsteroidBox. Three Strap Collar
Meva Lint Top for Romp

Vagabond - Quaint Old Chair for Romp
(with single, couple, sex and bdsm animations)



*Fishy Strawberry* Fly Glasses
+XAnSA+ Morpheus Collar *Unscripted
.:Pulse:. Prey Corset - Nude for Romp
ELYSIUM - Phoebe skirt - creme for Romp
Meva Lint Arm Cuff Brown for Romp
Azoury - Nemein Shoe Grey on Marketplace

TLC Cormorant Drying Wings for Ultra
Le Poppycock *On Edge* Kick back Railing 2 for Ultra

Look under

::GB:: One-shoulder Riders White for Romp
::GB:: High sox Smoky Purple
Redfish Look under tattoo for Kinky Event
Pose: An Lar the Rachel Serie at Ultra Event

[ keke ] abandoned art - feel - white

Taken at The Muse Club



BodyLanguage SLC BENTO AO Apple (for Romp) 
(stand and groundsit are from this great AO)

Stockholm&Lima: Double O-Ring Collar -Leather (Black/Gold)
Ama. : Aftermath tattoo / applier (red blush on face)
Isuka Alvena tattoo (also for neck, not on the photo) (for Romp)
[I<3F] Dress [13] [undress me!]   
with hud to undress in several stages & colour hud (for Romp)
Ama Crystal Clamps {Maitreya Experimental} (for Romp)
Poppy - Lola Heels *primerose yellow (for Romp)

Stockholm&Lima:Reconstructed Coffee Table
[ keke ] spring sprout 3
[ keke ] winter tin - snowdrop wintersky
[n.i] turn.and.cough.study.materials

Art 'Angle' by Moon Edenbaum (can be seen at Dathuil)



.Identity. Body Shop - Appliers HUD [Pure Delusion] (for Ultra)
Mina Hair - Shelley (for Ultra)
Ama. : Bit Gag (for Romp)
Pose: Di's Opera - In control (For Romp)


No Match - No Level - Hair & hat For Ultra - Opening May 15th
Ama. : Bit Gag (For Romp)

Worth waiting (Romp)