Salt - Brianna Dress Coal with (unscripted) collar for Romp 
Tattoo Touch of a lover, White +Fallen Gods Inc. for Romp
[Dictator shop] Chesterfield Ladies Chaise PG


Bad kitty

Glutz: dangerous woman harness, bunny mask, collar, flogger, gacha (for Romp)
{Luxuria} Vivian Bodysuit - *black* applier - with spanked bottom option (for Romp)
[I<3F] Myu Stockings - Maitreya (for Romp)
Phedora ~ Jennifer heels (for Kinky Event)

Nutmeg&RK Poses. Red Vintage Chair w/static and animations
pose - Foxcity bad kitty
Nutmeg. Distressed clay vase - White Rust


Eos - HDM (Hugo Design)

*HDM* (Hugo Design) Eos - First Mesh release body set includes a bodysuit (Maitreya, Belleza and Slink), short gloves and stockings. 
The Eos latex pack is made in mesh and material enabled. 
It includes a Mesh Stylist Hud, which is amazing and gives a lot of options
 in colouring parts of the clothes/shoes. 

It also has an option for glossy and environment from subtle to 
full on liquid metal, gynoid robot shine. 
For sale at the store for 695 L$.

Also wearing: HDM heels (for Maitreya, Slink, Belleza) works with the Mesh Stylist Hud.

Azoury - Davina Helmet Onyx for The Coven

Weekend Ruiner nr 22 - like a hallway only smaller but with  more prims 

[addme.] Pose#095-1 and Pose#095 - Bento


Grow, grow...

[ keke ] glass cabinet - bright
[ keke ] potted mint 
[ keke ] tea tin sprout 
[ keke ] watering can - white ***
[ keke ] winter tin - snowdrop wintersky
[ keke ] spring flower 3
[ keke ] water mister - floral
{vespertine} green means life -moss graffiti

[ keke ] book-s-table . white*
[ keke ] wall candle - silver **

* Readers Collection at Uber
** Grow Collection at Fameshed
*** Spring Collection at Keke



For Romp:
an lar [poses] The Orene Series - Five

{Ghoul} Luzifer Corset, blouse, pantie - ArchAngel (For Freya or Isis)


Penny for your thoughts my love

For Romp
.Arise. Pendant Piercing 
S&P harness Tam
[ abrasive ] Pinned Waist Corset 
Azoury Caleb Boots for Collabor88

Soy. Leather Lobby Bench


Your Queen

[Avenge] Your Queen stocking Maitreya  (gacha for Kinky Event (opens 28th January)
Equal - Paige Sandals with colour hud (for Kinky Event (opens 28th January)

[Dictatorshop] Chesterfield Ladies Chaise with single and couple animations (also Bento)
Sold till 10th February at Ultra

Healthy Herbs (Keke)


He once was cute

[ keke ] tea tin sprout (3x)
[ keke ]  zink trays w paper whites
22769 ~ [bauwerk] He Once Was Cute Bust -gacha
{what next} House Plant - Agave
tarte. lemon tree (white pot)
12 - DRD - Vagabond - Green Stool
dust bunny hoya plant


Pink flowergirl

*PROMAGIC* Shagun-Armlets, Collar, Corset and anklets 

[Dictatorshop] Chesterfield Ladies Chaise with single and couple animations (also Bento)
Sold till 10th February at Ultra
Soy. UTD - Wall decoration tile sheet
[ keke ] flower chair RARE
[ContraptioN] My Bird Husband 
[ keke ] wall flower - lily
dust bunny . potted cheese plant
dust bunny . potted bromeliad
[ keke ] watering can - zinc
[ keke ] vintage tea tin 
[ keke ] tea tin sprout 

N-core CORINA "Fatpack" for Maitreya High Feet  for Kinky Event (opens 28th January)

[White~Widow] Stronger - Black  for Kinky Event (opens 28th January)

Caesar has a collar too

Azoury - Caesar - mask (white) also in red, black, pink and brown
for Blush opens January 28th (Price : 289L$)

{Limerence} Catty hair for Kinky Event (opens 28th January)

:::NOIR::: Waifu Choker for Kinky Event (opens 28th January)

Police robots


Azoury Cyrus Boots  Black for Cosmopolitan (opens 28th January)

JPK - Police Robot

Minimal - Illuminate Backdrop #3 (Gacha)

Clockhaus - Vintage Glasses - Gold

+XAnSA+ Steampunk Wings - Gold - Marketplace

Luas Amber Corset (with hud) for Kinky Event (opens 28th January)


Present Sense

from  left to right

Zaara [home] : 12 Jaipur blue pottery 2
[ keke]  wild allium . skyblue 3
[ keke]  gift boxes RARE (blue)
[ keke] confetti . blue
Azoury - Kardia Heel Blue for Sense Event
Soy. UTD - Wall decoration tiles sheet [blue] 
NACH Blue Lamp
Apple Fall Bluebell Painted Closet
!ROIRO! - Hanging planter (Unknown plant)
[ keke]  those blue flowers
Abandoned Planters by ChiC buildings Rust and Blue
[ keke]  wild allium . blue 2
[ keke]  old garden greenhouse . white


Pool of Books

L&B Pants "Zipp" BW Leather 
Azoury - Kardia Heel Black for Sense Event

[ keke]  retro chair white
Nomad Stage Prop - Palm Tree
Seven Emporium  Heated Pool Sign
10 MI Books Pileup RARE


Crystals and Leather

CLBlue-Leather Jacket-maitreya - with hud (399 L$)
L&B Pants "Zipp" BW Leather 
Azoury - Kardia Heel Black for Sense Event

Weekend Ruiner - crystal backdrop
[Dictatorshop] Venus Cubed - Ladies Entertainment Center



 Luckyelf's 'Daisy' Cage Mini Dress - Black for Kinky Event
SHi Design - Armbinder Mittens 1.0 (for Maitreya)
Azoury - Blooming Shoes Onyx with Socks Cream

Taken at The Libertine, at Corruption

Projected in Gold

[ keke] dot projector gold S - turn on advanced lighting
out @ main store for 75 until Monday

junk. attic skybox. RARE

floorplan. film lot sign

Apt B // Carnival Chair


2018, let there be caviar

[ keke] candles and pearls RARE
[ keke] serpentines . gold
[ keke] edible gold
[ keke]  black caviar
[ keke] champagne jello with gold dust
[ keke]  white caviar
ionic : Cake display

[ keke]  hard to find chair . red
[ keke] retro chair . white
[ keke]  the table is set . table
[ keke]  2018 gold
[ keke] confetti . canarie & sun
[ keke]  serpentines . gold
ionic : Cake display
NOMAD // Stage Prop - Head

Waiting for you

Azoury - Armatia High Heel Shoe for Cosmopolitan
fri. - Holly Socks (Canary)
[I<3F] Dress [18.v2] for Kinky Event, with colour hud

Behind me, at Big Bully's store, decorated by ʎʞooɹ (rooky.yootz)
[ keke ] 2018 silver 
[ keke ] serpentines . rose
Apple Fall Confetti Balloon 
[ARIA] Glass of red wine
Tool Shed - Celebration Dot Strings 


Antoinette at L U N A

erratic / chris - blindfold / black (silver)
Una Raincoat B (Rare, with hud)
sYs Alcove shorts and bowtie white for Kinky Event
fri. - Macey.Socks (Add-on)
Azoury - Antoinette High Heel Shoe with Black Leather for Season Story